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We didn’t choose the Bandit, the Bandit chose us.

Hi, this is Hans and Pieter Bas. Take a minute to read about our story and you won’t forget us anymore. We’ve been making organic sauces since 2011 and have lots of fun doing so! We believe in our way and believe that food should be authentic. That is why we started developing our products in order to shake up the organic sector with our bold flavors and daring brand. But it is not just the two of us anymore. In this past decade, we have gathered a gang of passionate Bandits. Together, we aim to make every day a better Bandits day.








Ofcourse organic

Our standard since 2011, better for nature, better for our soil and soul, that’s why!


We are not just another brand created by marketeers, we develop and manufacture all that good stuff ourselves from scratch in our own independent factory.

100% honest

What we promise is the least you may expect and in the unlikely event that we can’t do it…we will be honest about it.

Private labeling

Of course we like our brand the best, but hey, sharing is caring. We do understand that in some circumstances your own brand fits the best. So our long time experience of developing and creating sauces can be used for your benefit as well. We like to take a challenge and create your favorite just for you. We have done this for numerous well known retailers: BioBandits quality under your brand. Challenge us!

Curious what a collaboration looks like the bandits way? Drop us a line below.

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    No question is too crazy for us.

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